the GJLA

the Greater Johnstown Landlord Association

a trade association for landlords and property managers

Let's say you have a tenant who is causing trouble...

You download an eviction notice from the GJLA members' website. You learn from our Reference Guide that you need to give them 15 days notice before you file a Landlord Tenant Complaint. You keep track of the eviction with the GJLA Eviction Checklist.
After the eviction you submit the tenant's name to the Johnstown Credit Bureau to tell other landlords about the tenant. When you are ready to rent the home our website explains how to place online ads and use the GJLA Rental Application.
At our next meeting you learn how to check references and avoid classic landlord mistakes.
Then you use the GJLA Rental Agreement written by our attorney to protect your rights and enforce your rules and regulations.
You learn that Pennsylvania is considering a new landlord-tenant law so you check PROA's website to learn more about it. Finally you take a moment to write an idea on the GJLA member's website to help other landlords.