the GJLA

the Greater Johnstown Landlord Association

a trade association for landlords and property managers

Recent news...

The Johnstown Drug and Crime Commission has published their report. It discusses crucial issues facing our communities.
One of their recommendations is that landlords join the GJLA.
We appreciate the support. The GJLA is committed to providing state of the art tools to help landlords make better decisions
about who lives in our communities.
Whether you have 1 unit or 50, we'd like to get to know you.
There is no obligation and other landlords can benefit from your experience.

Some communities have responded to real and perceived problems by passing rental ordinances. While some are targeted at owners who aren't meeting their obligations others are far-reaching and treat all landlords the same. Westmont's ordinance does just that and a lawsuit has been filed against Westmont Borough regarding the Rental Registration Ordinance.
Our association worked for months to find a compromise that would allow Westmont to protect the community from blight and disruptions without unfairly targeting landlords who meet their obligations to their tenants and their neighbors. But Westmont refused to find common ground and has demanded landlords pay 10's of thousands of dollars in fees, submit to inspections, face prosecution and pay fines of $500.

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